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Tournament 1 2 3 4 18.10.2009
Name Author RS-version Description Ratings
1vs1 Balanced
TinyTorp Michael Fagan 0.75 - 1. 1.
Waterbug Jeremy Edwards 0.71 Small, fast, and hard to kill. Nearly invincible in one-on-one battles. It is a survivor. 14. 2.
GhostBoat2 Jeremy Edwards 0.71 Small boat that likes to switch directions. 16. 3.
Tiny Michael Fagan 0.75 - 3.
Deadeye Jeremy Edwards 0.71 A different idea for a targeting system. Very effective. Medium ship with two guns. 5. 5.
LapperMed2 Jeremy Edwards 0.71 A medium-sized version of Waterbug. 13. 6.
Minitorp5 Jeremy Edwards 0.71 An attempt at making a small boat using a torpedo. It fires, then dodges. It was designed to defeat "Torper". 8. 6.
Tutorial M.L. 0.76 RoboShips example ship 9. 7.
DeadthShip Simon Roy 0.75 Long Ship with a gun and a torpedo tube. It lock its target and kills it efficiently. Good in small fights. 4. 8.
CirclerShip Simon Roy 0.75 A survivor ship. Good in small fights, nearly impossible to kill. 8. 9.
Harlequin9 Martin Evans 0.71 H-Series Battleships 15. 9.
Dancer Jeremy Edwards 0.71 Moves gracefully and attacks with two independent guns. 11. 10.
KARR Michael Fagan 0.75 - 7. 11.
The Ultimate Ship Simon Roy 0.75 The best ship of all, in small fights and in large battles. He beats Quin and SuperAssassin or both of them at the same time. 2. 11.
Commander Simon Roy 0.75 8 independent guns and 1 torpedo tube. Good in large battles 6. 12.
Quin Jeremy Edwards 0.71 Five independent guns/radars. It's the best fighter of all in large battles. 11. 13.
SuperAssassin Jeremy Edwards 0.71 An advancement of the Assassin featuring two additional small guns. Even more deadly. Overall, it's the most powerful ship. 12. 13.
The General Simon Roy 0.75 He has two gun rows each controles by a radar. Good in large battles. 11. 13.
BigMulti5 Jeremy Edwards 0.71 Five synchronized small guns. Don't get too close! 10. 14.
Zeus Simon Roy 0.75 He will patrol the sea and kill its opponents. His weakness is the sides. 8. 14.
LapperBig2 Jeremy Edwards 0.71 A large version of Waterbug. 13. 15.
Follow M.L. 0.76 RoboShips example ship 12. 16.

If you want your ships to this list then send them to me by email (my email address is in Roboships documentation). I will rerun tournament if I receive new ships. Logo