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Tournament 1 2 3 4 13.4.2009
Name Author RS-version Description Ratings
1vs1 Balanced
GhostBoat2 Jeremy Edwards 0.71 Small boat that likes to switch directions. 13. 1.
Deadeye Jeremy Edwards 0.71 A different idea for a targeting system. Very effective. Medium ship with two guns. 4. 2.
LapperMed2 Jeremy Edwards 0.71 A medium-sized version of Waterbug. 6. 3.
Waterbug Jeremy Edwards 0.71 Small, fast, and hard to kill. Nearly invincible in one-on-one battles. It is a survivor. 7. 3.
Tutorial M.L. 0.76 RoboShips example ship 7. 4.
Dancer Jeremy Edwards 0.71 Moves gracefully and attacks with two independent guns. 10. 5.
Minitorp5 Jeremy Edwards 0.71 An attempt at making a small boat using a torpedo. It fires, then dodges. It was designed to defeat "Torper". 11. 6.
Quin Jeremy Edwards 0.71 Five independent guns/radars. It's the best fighter of all in large battles. 2. 7.
BigMulti5 Jeremy Edwards 0.71 Five synchronized small guns. Don't get too close! 3. 8.
SuperAssassin Jeremy Edwards 0.71 An advancement of the Assassin featuring two additional small guns. Even more deadly. Overall, it's the most powerful ship. 1. 9.
Harlequin9 Martin Evans 0.71 H-Series Battleships 16. 10.
Follow M.L. 0.76 RoboShips example ship 5. 10.
LapperBig2 Jeremy Edwards 0.71 A large version of Waterbug. 8. 11.
Torpedo M.L. 0.76 RoboShips example ship 17. 11.
Circler_EH M.L. 0.76 RoboShips example ship 6. 12.
Assassin Jeremy Edwards 0.71 Small torpedo, big gun, very smart. Will seek and destroy. Original targeting system. Excellent in large and small battles. 14. 13.
Circler M.L. 0.76 RoboShips example ship 5. 13.
BlasterRound Jeremy Edwards 0.71 Like Blaster, but moves radar in a circle, which is not as cool-looking but is more dangerous. 11. 14.
Gunner Olaf Watteroth 0.70 - 21. 15.
Circler_RL M.L. 0.76 RoboShips example ship 9. 16.
Runner M.L. 0.76 RoboShips example ship 22. 17.
Follow_RL M.L. 0.76 RoboShips example ship 15. 18.
Cruiser Olaf Watteroth 0.70 The "normal" cruiser is just fitted with guns an takes advantage of the large size... but I think it doesn't have a chance versus my earlier Gunner. 13. 19.
FireStorm M.L. 0.76 RoboShips example ship 8. 20.
CruiserTorp Olaf Watteroth 0.70 CruiserTorp is a large-class ship with a normal torpedo an a normal gun. I took an idea from one of the example ships. 18. 21.
Torper Olaf Watteroth 0.70 - 21. 22.
Blaster Jeremy Edwards 0.71 Torpedo ship that covers its rear with a back-and-forth sweeping radar. Looks like a dog wagging its tail. Fun to watch but not too effective. 19. 23.
Harlequin4 Martin Evans 0.71 H-Series Battleships 23. 24.
BigDancer Jeremy Edwards 0.71 Larger version of dancer, with larger guns. 12. 24.
Mr Shippy Unknown 0.72 Circling radar. When a ship is detected, Mr. Shippy goes straight at them and fires topedo and guns. Good against retreaters. 17. 24.
Ol Ironshippie Unknown 0.72 Frontal and side radar. Three guns per side. Based on old-style ships. When a ship is detected with the front radar, Ol' Ironshippie turns and fires w/ side cannon. Good against circlers. 22. 25.
Harlequin3 Martin Evans 0.71 H-Series Battleships 25. 26.
Destroyer D.H. 0.73 My ship Destroyer beat Quin 12 games of 20 battles head-to-head 7-5. 23. 27.
Harlequin8 Martin Evans 0.71 H-Series Battleships 24. 28.
BigTorper mmpf 0.70 It's a simple torper with 3 radars. it scans to the front to find some enemies and to shoot them and it also scans to the back to escape from atacking enemies. 20. 29.
Drone Jeremy Edwards 0.71 Does not fire, just for practice. Moves like Dancer. 26. 30.

If you want your ships to this list then send them to me by email (my email address is in Roboships documentation). I will rerun tournament if I receive new ships. Logo